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...and congratulations for having reached this website, for that means you are seeking help and support in uncomfortable circumstances. And although everybody has to encounter times of trouble and sorrow, only few really develop the courage to search for professional support. But here you are!


On this page you'll find information about different ways of support and treatment which I can offer in Rosenheim and its surroundings Bad Aibling, Stephanskirchen, Bad Endorf and Prien. Though my mother tongue is German, I'm used to speaking English, for half of my family resides in English speaking countries. Nevertheless my English is not perfect, so please don't mind if there are some mistakes left.


I'm still developing this site, soon you will find details about Systemic Therapy, relationship counseling for couples and special counseling for health issues like improving  your sleep, your sex life, your stress resistance or how to deal with the new digital aera in a healthy and positive way.


I'll be glad if you contact me:

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or simply call 0049-176-58 491 191

(at the moment, there's a mailbox in German language only - I'll contact you as soon as possible, please give me your name and phone number after the beep).